Dr. Irfan Motiwala Offers Full Mouth Dental and Basal Implants in India at Low Prices

June 02 04:00 2023

A well-known implantologist, Dr. Irfan Motiwala, now offers full mouth dental implants and basal implants in India for a low price. Full denture implants and full mouth reconstruction are usually too expensive for most people, but Dr. Motiwala’s cheap dental tourism package can save patients up to USD $50,000 on high-quality dental care while saving them money.

Dr. Motiwala was one of the first people to use basal implants, a new method that doesn’t require bone grafting and is great for people who have been told they aren’t good candidates for traditional dental implants because they have lost bone or something else. Dr. Motiwala helps people who have been turned down by other hospitals by giving them basal implants in India.

Lyudmila Grigoryev from Missouri, USA, says, “After our Journey from USA to India, we had support from the dental clinic for hotel, food and medicines. We had no concern with our stay here. My treatment included the extraction of 7 teeth and implants for all top and bottom teeth without any need for sinus lift or bone graft and placement of Zirconia crowns. The main treatment only took 3 days to put in permanent teeth. I got single piece dental implants as they have many benefits compared to the other dental procedures. The full mouth dental implants cost here is very reasonable and significantly less than in USA. In US, it was approx. USD$45000 that is 80% savings. I am very satisfied with all procedures, with my stay in India, and everything that we experienced during our stay here. I strongly recommend Dr. Motiwala.”

India is becoming a more popular place for dentistry tourism because the cost of full-mouth dental implants is much lower there than in many other places. Dr. Motiwala’s office has the most up-to-date equipment, and his experienced staff makes sure that patients get the best care possible.

In India, Dr. Motiwala’s clinic not only offers cheap full-mouth dental implants, but also same day dental implants in India. This new process makes it possible for patients to get implants and new teeth on the same day, saving them both time and money.

The dental vacation package from Dr. Motiwala includes all the necessary procedures, such as implant placement, crowns, and extractions. This all-around approach to dental care makes sure that patients get the care they need without any secret costs or extra fees coming as a surprise.

Clive Harding from Tasmania, Australia talks about his experience with Dr. Motiwala, “Dr. Motiwala is absolutely amazing and the way he went about the procedures from looking at the x-rays on screen, there was an aura of confidence that in effect subconsciously transmitted to me from the very first moment. The man is a wizard, so business like, so professional, so particular and nothing less than to his professional standards would suffice. I am extremely happy with the finished outcome. I had teeth extractions and full mouth dental implants. No sinus lift/no bone graft using Pterygoid implants were required. So, with the full mouth reconstruction, the smile makeover is priceless to me. I can smile again!”

Overall, anyone in India who needs full mouth dental implants or basal implants should go to Dr. Motiwala. His cheap dental tourism package, combined with his years of experience and dedication to excellence, makes him a great choice for people who want high-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost.

For more information about Dr. Motiwala’s dental tourism package, which includes full denture implants cost, full mouth dental implants cost, basal implants in India, full mouth reconstruction, and same day dental implants in India, please visit his website or call his office.

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