Stilobrush arriving on Indiegogo to relieve Americans from bad breath issues and to eliminate the menace of tongue scraping forever

September 11 05:54 2018
Stilobrush is a new innovative tongue suction-cleaner that assures in-depth cleansing of tongue to eliminate bad breath issues in just 10 seconds!

Germantown, MD – September 10, 2018 – A visionary startup Stilobrush is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to support its new innovative signature tongue suction cleaner. Named as “Stilobrush”, the breakthrough product is designed for an in-depth cleansing of the tongue to effectively eliminate bad breath issues. It assures a comparatively gentler cleansing compared to conventional tongue-scraping.

The campaign is scheduled to be launched on September 5, 2018.

The practice of tongue-scraping dates back to centuries. The Chinese and Indian cultures have been practicing the ancient Ayurveda therapy since historical times. Ayurveda strongly recommends regular cleaning of “ama” – the toxic harmful coating on tongue. Ama is the underlying cause of many diseases and Ayurveda suggests daily tongue-scraping for better health. But the glitch is tongue-scraping is painful which forces many to abandon the practice and in doing so they only end up with harmful oral toxicity. 

Stilobrush comes as a lifesaver here by literally changing the way tongue cleaning has been in practice for decades through its innovative pain-free comfortable solution. Thanks to Stilobrush’s gentle cleansing mechanism, those who are scared of tongue-scraping will finally find a more viable and easier way to clean tongue and get rid of the toxic ama.

“We are excited to bring to you the ‘ultimate tongue suction-cleaner’ that will transcend your oral hygiene to next level. It’s your one-stop solution to nail the unwanted bad breath issues that plague around 75 million Americans today. The main cause of bad breath is a dirty tongue that hides millions of bacteria and unwanted food debris.  Regular brushing and flossing are not sufficient for a thorough cleansing of tongue. But our revolutionary product works as a mini vacuum cleaner and sucks out all the hidden bacteria in your tongue to relieve you of bad breath problems forever. Moreover, unlike regular harsh tongue scrapers, Stilobrush cleans with a gentle approach without causing hurt to the papillae. With Stilobrush, you will enjoy fresh breath always. We are looking forward to starting a mass production now and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your valued pledge will help us to free Americans from both, the menace of bad breath and the pain of tongue scraping permanently”, stated Henry Figueredo from Stilobrush. 

Stilobrush is engineered with Double Action suction channels for a comprehensive cleansing across the tongue. It’s concave neck and ergonomic handles assure a convenient handling of the product while cleaning.

“Stilobrush tongue cleaner is the latest and most efficient way to combat bad breath. Improve your oral hygiene and discover the benefits of sucking with Stilobrush – The non-scraping Tongue Suction-Cleaner.”

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