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December 09 05:15 2017

Ed Kratt, Frank Rothman
Partners, Rothman & Kratt PLLC
Rothman Kratt PLLC is spearheading the implementation of the long overdue sealing law in New York State, which took effect on October 7, 2017. The law firm is proud to announce that when it comes to obtaining second chances for its clients, it is second to none.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

New York, NY – With the experience and commitment of its principals, Frank Rothman and Edward Kratt, they are in a unique position to make an unprecedented difference in their clients’ lives.

The newly enacted law, codified under § 160.59 of New York’s Criminal Procedure Law, now enables the sentencing court to seal conviction records of eligible applicants, for nonviolent felony crimes (other than sex offenses) and misdemeanors, after a 10-year waiting period. Under the new provisions of the law, individuals with ten years of positive behavior and societal achievement since their convictions, can obtain the sealing of their criminal convictions, upon the filing of a formal motion with the court, which satisfactorily establishes the statutory criteria.

Respected criminal defense attorneys, Frank Rothman and Edward Kratt, in legal practice for over 35 years, specifically formed Rothman Kratt PPLC to aid and assist the vast community of convicted individuals in removing the stigma of their criminal convictions, thereby reclaiming their lives and their ability to become more productive members of society.

The principals of this new firm have long been ardent supporters of justice reform measures, especially those like the new sealing law, which acknowledge and reward behavioral changes.

“There are so many people out there who truly do make changes in their post-conviction lives,” says law partner Frank Rothman. “Under previous procedural laws, these individuals were treated no differently than someone who continued with a life of crime. There was no way, under the law, to recognize any positive steps or turnarounds in behavior. We are so glad to see that New York has finally made progress in how we treat people who truly have changed their lives.”

Rothman Kratt was the first New York Law firm to file a motion in New York County Supreme Court for the sealing of a client’s records. The court has since granted the application for sealing without opposition from the prosecutor.

The law firm’s legal efforts were recently reported in an article by the New York Post, after they filed a motion to have a former client’s drug possession conviction sealed.  Their client, Joel Figueroa, 19 years of age at the time of his conviction, has led an exemplary life since his 2001 conviction.  Attorneys for the firm rightly contend that he does not deserve the continued stigma of a felony record, which has impeded his employment opportunities. It is their hope that individuals, like Joel, who have proven their ability to lead law-abiding lives, will avail themselves of this opportunity, which the new law provides and seek to have their records sealed.

“It is the most progressive piece of legislation of its kind to date,” says Rothman. “This will allow people to have a second chance in the court of public opinion. The law enables individuals not only to maintain a sense of privacy about their criminal past, but also prove that they have truly committed themselves to a positive change.”

Rothman and Kratt, have been vocal advocates for sentencing reform and record sealing for many years. With over thirty-five years of successful criminal defense practice behind them, the firm’s partners look forward to providing their legal services to clients, who have not had such an opportunity in the past. They are committed to helping their clients change their lives.

Attorneys for the firm have already established close relationships with the courts and have created a more streamlined process for effectuating sealing of convictions. Not only does this help clients receive the outcome they deserve, but also reduces the costs of doing so.

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