May 12 18:26 2017

Henan, China – May 12, 2017 – Author Ralf Wilhelms, DBA, and Shengxiao Li published a Strategic Management book to assist corporate managers and executives in developing the necessary planning process to provide long term direction for companies. The book is entitled Strategic Management: Integrated and Practical Approach and was published by Wuhan University Press in 2016.

Wilhelms and Li both hold extensive backgrounds in the strategic management field. The two authors began working on this book together as a means of demonstrating how decision-making processes are formed at the firm level. This includes the sources of analysis that drive decision making in leading North American and Asian companies.

Wilhelms is a professor at Lake Superior State University and is a member of the Foundation for Global Education and Research. He believes that every business must follow a strategy to succeed over time.

Li is a professor at Shaoxing University and has been published in prominent publications such as the Journal of Management and Asia Pacific. Professor Li introduces the key concept that the process of implementing strategies should be viewed as a series of steps rather than concepts.

The authors developed a framework for managing the process of strategic management in their strategic planning model. This framework is supported by how major businesses around North America and Asia have operated and organized themselves. The book is used as a textbook in several universities in China as well as the Unites States.

The key belief held by both authors is a need to convert theories into actions. This includes understanding how to develop strategies for growth and sustainability of a venture. They emphasize the need to analyze not only past data but also current conditions and potential scenarios that may develop over time. The goal of their work is to identify more synergy across markets to provide stable growth in turbulent markets for the future.

Wilhelms and Li enriched the corporate level decision-making process by providing a structured and systematic approach for success. The efforts are driven by their years of business experience and shared desire to identify the catalyst for individual businesses to develop and grow over time.


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