Best of Gram Revolutionizes the Way People Use Instagram

January 20 14:46 2017

United States – Best of Gram, an online-based system, just celebrated its five years in business offering Instagram social services and changing the way people view and use Instagram. Speaking during the celebrations, the founder said that the business aims at letting people understand the power that Instagram has among other social sites and letting them use this great service to their benefaction. Having been in operation since 2011, Best of Gram has operated exclusively online and served thousands of clients.

“There is more to Instagram than just posting photos and people liking your photos,” said John Christian during the business’ fifth birthday celebrations. “People are using Instagram to build personal brands; businesses are promoting their goods or services on Instagram and celebrities are widening their fan bases on this same platform. It is projected that the future is online and given that most people are addicted to social media and photos, Instagram comes as a great platform for everyone. We are here to bridge the gap between you and other Instagram users; we make you visible, thus letting you wield all the power that Instagram has. This lets you do business, make new friends and create a personal brand.”

Having served thousands of clients in their five years of operation, Best of Gram has made an Instagram appeal to many users. Their services range from creating accounts for users, directing traffic to Instagram account to allow likes, follows, comments and views and advising clients on the best ways to promote their Instagram accounts to give them the popularity they seek. Through their services, Best of Gram has been able to create internet celebrities out of normal people and create mega businesses from scratch and tasks that have made them popular among Instagram users.

Since its inception, people have been using Instagram either as a place to reconnect with friends, show their photography prowess or their photogenic bodies and interact with fans, family and friends. As the number of Instagram users go up, so is the number of people using the platform for business. Best of Gram started as a simple social media run business catering for a small number of clients. In 2011, it had garnered enough clients to want to expand.

This is when they launched the business website

For businesses that want to promote their goods or services online, Best of Gram is one of the services that come handy. The global business is always expanding to meet new clients and change the way Instagram is used. One can learn more from their website.

Best of Gram is an online US company that helps with Instagram social services and changing the way people view and use Instagram.

The company can be contacted at their website

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