Nutrimi Promises A Longer Revitalized Life With New Telomeres TA65 Supplements

January 19 02:56 2017
Leading Spanish online health supplement store Nutrimi has assured to prevent aging and speaks of a longer life with its new TA65 supplements. It has also introduced a new hormonal imbalance test kit

Marbella, Spain, January 18, 2017: Aging is natural no doubt but isn’t it that we all wish to live a little longer and younger? You bet it is. But then is that possible? Well, leading health supplement store Nutrimi has recently released new TA65 that will extend the life of telomeres that will revitalize the body like our younger selves, enabling us to live longer.

Aging in reverse is actually possible now!

Nutrimi is a unit of top anti-aging Marbella clinic Long Life Clinic founded by esteemed anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza.

“We all wish to stay young forever and Nutrimi is here to stop the aging clock for you. We are pleased to announce that we have recently released 3 premier TA65 supplements that will rejuvenate your telomeres as what happens in young age so that you can live longer and younger. It’s something actually revolutionary as there is no dearth of health supplements today but hardly have you had a one that can work on your telomeres. All our supplements promise a safe consumption and are free from harmful chemical additives and abrasive agents, which are so usual with other regular supplements”, smiled a leading spokesperson from Nutrimi.

Speaking on their new TA65 supplements, he mentioned about TA65 Skin, TA65-100 IU & TA65-250 IU.

The TA65 Skin Cream is designed to heal up the aging wrinkled skin and enhance telomerase activation to help in telomere repair and consequently a rejuvenated skin. It’s powered with high moisture absorption capacity & given its handy exfoliation, detoxification & skin pigmentation balancing features, the users benefit from a firm skin, reduced wrinkles & acne and healthy hydration.


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Made from astragalus root extracts, the TA65-100 IU capsules speak of a strong immunostimulant with amazing antiviral functions, which is also capable to block genetic damage that happen from short telomeres. The supplement further helps in reduced cell division, DNA repair as well as in strengthening of telomerase enzyme that synthesize DNA sequence & generate long telomeres to slow down skin aging.

The TA65-250 IU capsules act right on inner cell division to stop propagation of short telomeres which helps to curb aging in skin.

Nutrimi has also introduced its new Hormonal analysis test kit of late that will enable the users to check their hormonal imbalance level and gain valuable insights about their sex and adrenal hormones. The test can be taken from the comfort of home and the kit should be returned to the Nutrimi lab for thorough analysis & study.

“Hormonal imbalance can lead to serious health issues for both men and women and hence you must get a check with our premier hormonal test kit. Our users will get individualized therapy only based on the results of the test”, the spokesperson added in.

The hormonal test kit is accompanied by the opportunity to have a Skype session with Dr. Garant who will evaluate the case and suggest custom treatments for each user.

Nutrimi can offer its supplements at a much lower rate than other online stores given its close rapport with the leading suppliers.

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