Help 11-year-old Hayley fund her service dog intervention program

January 16 19:36 2017

Hayley, an 11-year-old hard of hearing girl has launched a fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform to fund her service dog intervention program. She has finally got into this program through the center for service and therapy dogs Australia (CSTDA) after applying for two years but the program costs $30,000 and to raise the amount she has turned to the masses for support.

The duration of the program is over two years and the fees need to be paid monthly. Hayley’s father is on a disability pension due to a workplace injury and her mother only works for two days a week because of a workplace accident as well. The limited financial ability has led the family to start a campaign on the so that Hayley can take the benefits of this program and have a better future.

At the tender age of 11, Hayley is diagnosed with several ailments such as Autism spectrum disorder, bipolar 1 disorder, intellectual development disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and possibility of an underlying mood and personality disorder which forbid her to live a normal life. She also suffers from hearing loss, migraine and is slow in emptying the stomach. Despite all this, she is a happy and cheerful child and possesses many interests such as gymnastics and dancing.

Hayley faced a lot of difficulties right after birth as she was born through an emergency C-section because the doctor missed the symptoms of Hellp syndrome in her mother. She has been receiving therapy since she was 18 months old. Because of her condition, she was not able to attend the school properly or make friends which made her frustrated and angry. She was in fact removed from school in March last year and enrolled in a distance education program for term four in 2016.

Hayley’s sister who also suffers from ASD are on the waiting list for an individual support package through DHHS for funding their therapies but the wait is too long and they have no idea when they’ll be receiving it. Considering her condition and the family circumstances, she is badly in need of a service dog. Now that she has finally got enrolled into the program, the success of the campaign will ensure that she can have her service dog who will be her companion and friend in need to reduce her stress and anxiety level. A specially trained dog will help predict a psychotic episode and also prevent self-harming. The program is due to start next week and the Hayley along with her family are in immediate need of financial support.

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