Innovative Company Launches Website To Help People Locate Nearest Gym Centers

January 14 14:36 2017

PHOENIX, AZ | Diago, AZ – 14 Jan, 2017 – An innovative and game-changing company has just launched a website that allows people to locate gym outlets near them. The website, which can be located at,  was created and is being run by a Phoenix-based company called Cool Gyms Near Me. Through the website, members of the public can now easily find the nearest gym centers near them. The website also has reviews on the different gym facilities posted to enable users to rate their experience and the quality of service offered.

“With the increasing rate of Diabetes, we want to help people lead a healthier life by imbibing a working out habit,” says Abby James, the company’s spokesperson. “This is what drove us to launch this service. We want people to easily and conveniently have the ability to locate fitness centers nearest to them. Not only that, but we also want them to have an idea of what type of services they will get at any particular gym they visit. Like with any other technology, we want to use our idea to make life healthier for people and we know that many people out there will be delighted to hear about our service.”

According to Abby, the time is just right for their new Launch. She explains that there are numerous online resources offering people the ability to locate eatery joints, accommodation, and other services near them. In the same way, their new site will serve as a car wash finder. The idea is therefore not too novel for the target market. People will be able to adjust and to adapt to the website and the service it offers.

The gym Locator website is simple to use. It allows members of the public and gym owners to list and locate any gym facilities near them. This directory of fitness centers is then free to the public. Users will be able to use Google Maps to locate all the gym locations near them. In addition to that, users will be allowed to rate and leave reviews. This will make it easy for other users to know which facilities are better than the others.  

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