Aires Technologies Offering Products To Protect People From Microwave Radiation

January 13 20:21 2017
Aires Shield, Defender, and Shield Extreme Blocks Radiation from Home Appliances

People are being exposed to large volumes of microwave radiation every day. Even more frightening is that the number is increasing. Cell phone usage has grown exponentially and it is creating an atmosphere that is fraught with danger. Although some experts deny that there is any real risk from the exposure to cell phones, research has shown that the dangers are real. Even where there are still areas of controversy, many people would prefer to err on the side of caution.

That’s where the products from Aires Tech which are designed to guard against microwave radiation come in.

Cell phones are a special concern because they are continuing to grow in popularity and there are already more than 3 billion cell phone users around the world. Other items that many of us use daily and which emit microwave radiation include:

  • Cell Towers
  • WiFi
  • Laptops
  • UHF Radios
  • Baby Monitors
  • Radar
  • And More

Aires Technologies offers a variety of products for use with small appliances and large appliances. Their Aires Shield is designed for use with small handheld data transmitting electronic devices such as cell phones, Bluetooth earpieces, headsets, cordless phones and more. The technology behind Aires Shield is based on the use of a silicon based microprocessor that changes the electromagnetic radiation that it comes into contact with so that users of handheld electronic gadgets are safe.

Aires Defender is a microprocessor that is about the size of a credit card that can be carried in a purse, wallet, or pocket. While the product is effective at blocking microwave radiation from its discreet location, it won’t interfere with signals from the offending gadgets.

Aires Tech also offers the Aires Shield Extreme, Aires Black Crystal, and Aires Defender Infinity for the ultimate defense against microwave radiation in our environment. Their products are different from many of those on the market today that lack the technology needed to provide effective protection from a broad range of electronic gadgets.

About Aires Technologies

Aires Technologies ( is an award-winning technology manufacturer that produces protective devices that protect people from the exposure to radiation they encounter in their environments every day. Their ground-breaking discoveries in electromagnetic fields have led to the creation of more than 200 products and solutions which are 100% ecologically friendly and safe for human use. Their primary focus is to develop technology that minimizes the harmful effects of radiation produced by cell phones, microwaves, baby monitors, and other appliances we use that can otherwise lead to harm.

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