Good Wine Is Also Afraid Of Deep Alley-Airwheel Unveils the Secrets of E6 Smart Folding E Bike

January 13 15:06 2017
Cats hide their claws. You may know a person’s face but not mind. For the no-chain e bike E6 released by Airwheel, you may feel it not amazing just from its appearance but you will change your opinion after knowing its merits.

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A new thing always needs a period to be commonly known. So there is no exception for intelligent products. In the industry of means of travel, various kinds of intelligent electric vehicles begin to emerge into our daily life thanks to people’s curiosity for the future’s vehicles and the rigid demand for the vehicles. As an environmental protection e bike, Airwheel E6 should be highly advocated and commonly known.

E6 intelligent e bike 

Airwheel, a senior electric vehicles supplier, deeply knows that the outlook of a product is significant for attracting users’ attention. But, after all, intelligent electric vehicles are all made for servicing the masses and aiming at improving the living quality. Basically speaking, the riding experience directly depends on the functions. This year, Airwheel has a big production on its marsrover and E6 intelligent e bike is one of them. E6 has the similar outlook with traditional bike but has many superior functions that traditional bikes haven’t. You will recognize it through the following details about E6’s functions or performances.

Similar to those excellent folding e bikes, E6 e bike adopts the aluminum alloy as its material of shell. This exquisite e bike with only 14kg’s self-weight has a maximum of 100kg’s load capacity. Lock catches located at the operating rod and saddle can be poked to made adjustments of sitting height. Although it seems small in size, almost all users can ride it comfortable and suitably.

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Except the correct material selection, folding technology is also outstanding. Its handrails, pedals and main body are set with movable joints and the pin at the cross section can be rotated. Then the X-shape can be folded and it shortens. Meanwhile, the saddle has new folding style. Different from common side horse shape, E6 folding electric bike uses two pieces of oval rubber cushions as its saddles with the interspace left for ventilation.

300W wheel hub motor, superior lithium core, replaceable battery packs and intelligent braking system ensure the riding process steady, smooth and safe.

Try more times, you will find its goodness.

E6 folding electric bike

In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 cool motorcycle helmets, F3 drones with camera, C8 racing helmets, to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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