Brandon Burden Runs for Frisco City Council Place 1 in the February Special Election

January 12 21:46 2017

Frisco, TX – Brandon Burden, Business Strategist for Fortune 5000 and Small Businesses, has announced that he will be running for Frisco City Council Place 1 in the February 18th Special Election. The 16 year Frisco resident claims to have made this move after witnessing the rapid growth of Frisco, and the need for strategic leadership in planning a sustainable city infrastructure. His run was announced by the launch of a campaign website which details his objectives and his plan for Frisco’s future.

“I have a deep love and commitment to the community of Frisco to help build our city for generations,” said Burden when announcing his candidacy. “I have witnessed Frisco become a city of cultural diversity, and I appreciate and celebrate these cultures,” he continued. “With the tremendous growth that has taken place, however, Frisco is currently faced with some big challenges. Proper infrastructure, transportation, water, and property taxes are priorities that must be addressed.”

Brandon Burden has built his campaign around the need for greater infrastructure in the following areas affecting Frisco: Transportation, Water, Public Safety, and Schools. He feels it’s essential to create a strong infrastructure while keeping property taxes as low as possible. Brandon is concerned that Frisco’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan, which increased the estimated build out population from 280,000 to 375,000, is not achievable with the current infrastructure that is in place. The fast growth that the city has experienced in the last decade has led to increased urban development, traffic congestion, and ever-increasing property taxes. He has spoken with neighbors and numerous residents throughout Frisco, and they are not in agreement with the direction that the city is going.  They overwhelmingly voiced their concerns with the increase of property taxes and traffic. They want affordable neighborhoods with great schools, and a family-friendly community that they can raise their families in, not a congested urban city.

Brandon has used technology to mobilize his grass roots efforts and connect with residents by doing an online campaign. This consists of a website that residents and supporters can access to learn more about his platform. They can choose from a variety of “Meet and Greets” offered throughout different neighborhoods in Frisco, or even request to host one themselves; donate toward the campaign fund, and request a yard sign to show support for his candidacy. He also is using social media with a Facebook page where he can reach his supporters and residents of the city directly. There they can interact with him by asking questions, posting comments or messaging him. People can access all the information they need to know about Brandon Burden and his candidacy.

Having spent 20 years doing humanitarian work internationally, along with years of experience in Strategic Business Development, Brandon has garnered enough experience to handle culturally diverse and sensitive situations, a huge factor that his campaign team has brought out clearly in his desire to serve Frisco’s future.

By making the decision to be part of the city council election in Frisco, Texas, Brandon has elicited different views from the residents of Frisco, with many applauding his decision to run. He is a Leadership Frisco Graduate Class XVI, a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, an active member of Kingdom Life Christian Center and Member of the Board of Directors, and a Business strategist. He is married with two children.

Running with the slogan “Build Frisco for Generations,” Brandon has the vision for a Frisco that will accommodate all its residents comfortably through careful and thoughtful planning concerning both infrastructure and schools.

Visit his website to learn more about his Frisco city council campaign.

Brandon Burden Campaign is located in Frisco, Texas.

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