New Australian Property Blog Launched By Shaun Morgan: Banker And Property Specialist

January 10 16:21 2017

Long Plains, South Australia – Shaun Morgan Investment, a specialist property and banking investment firm, announces that they have launched the Shaun Morgan Banking Blog. This blog will provide simple jargon free information regarding how the property market works and how clients may create wealth through property acquisitions.

“No difficult terms will be thrown around,” Shaun Morgan Investment Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Morgan says. “Article authors will seek to explain everything until clients and readers understand each concept. This way, prospective property investors will avoid getting caught up in the rat race. They will also avoid investing blindly and losing hard-earned money.”

Shaun Morgan has participated widely in the Australian property market for a number of years and has gathered vital information required to survive in this industry. Morgan may not be the most brilliant Australian property guru, but he possesses enough experience to understand what works and what does not. The Shaun Morgan Banking Blog notes that there are a number of reason for an increase in interest in the property market. These include owning a house to avoid perpetual rent payment, to create wealth or to become a millionaire. The major challenge he hopes to overcome for his readers is how to make that first investment, creating an understanding of the property market workings, and the important roles property agents have to play.

Anyone who signs up for the Shaun Morgan Investment Newsletter remains assured of receiving fresh updates regarding property market happenings. Information will also include current market prices. Vital instructions will feature allowing each investor to discover how one can go about owning a house, either as a first time young adult or as a seasoned player.

For anyone aspiring to venture into the property industry, it will be critical to understand the difference between Freehold and Leasehold properties. Freehold property ownership means an investor owns a piece of land and the buildings that stand on it. The owner has the authority to do whatever they deem fit until they sell off or give it out to inheritors. An owner assumes maintenance responsibility and may make modifications at will. Leasehold agreements allow ownership for a certain number of years, most often ninety-nine years. Several ground rent payments fall due within the lease period. Repairs and maintenance bills also fall to the owner. Most flats are often sold through leases.

You would make mistakes should you attempt to time this market because no seasons exist to buy or sell a property.

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