Hello Speech Therapy Extending Speech Therapy And Accent Reduction Services

January 09 22:21 2017
Winnipeg-based Hello Speech Therapy is extending customized professional speech therapy and accent reduction services by regulated speech language pathologists online for adults and children across Manitoba, at affordable rates.

Winnipeg, MB – January 9, 2017 – Speech challenges are a serious blow to self-confidence and pose unwanted hurdles to career path. But not anymore, Winnipeg-based Hello Speech Therapy is extending speech therapy services. The company is also rolling out premium accent reduction group sessions with the promise of individualized attention to enhance English pronunciation as a native speaker and reduce accent.

“We are delighted to announce that we offer effective speech therapy and accent reduction services for both adults & children with speech challenges and issues with English pronunciation. We are backed by professionally trained speech therapists and each of them holds a minimum of 20 years of experience in helping people speak better. What separates us from many other speech therapy organizations is that our treatment plans are completely tailored to client’s individual speech needs to ensure the most successful results. With us, you will have therapy sessions that are 100 percent designed for you,” stated a leading spokesperson from Hello Speech Therapy.

Both the speech therapy and accent reduction services at Hello Speech Therapy commences with comprehensive assessment of the client to understand his particular speech challenges, based on which the unique treatment plan is made.

In regards to speech therapy, the Winnipeg organization takes care of a wide range of issues like mumbling, stuttering, articulation problems, voice quality issues and learning disorders. The spokesperson also mentioned about helping people with speech recovery after stroke.

For accent reduction, Hello Speech Therapy helps ESL speakers to improve their pronunciation and reduce their accent to sound just like any native English speaker. The experienced therapists here bank on a wide range of scientifically proven tools for the accent reduction classes like Anxiety Reducing Strategy, Auditory Immersion Technique and Compton P-ESL. These are the same tools that are used by leading business executives, professional actors & politicians to speak English better.

“All the sessions are one-on-one sessions and you will have a professional therapist just for you for every minute of session. We are into result-driven solutions and most of our clients have noticed improvements in just 2-3 sessions and we are confident that you will feel the same as well. To us, communication is more than mere pronunciation and hence our sessions take care of the associated supplemental services as well like grammar and vocabulary improvement, improvement of cultural awareness, social skills and professional counselling.”

For more information, please visit http://www.hellospeechtherapy.ca

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