Chinese female artist talent shows Oriental wisdom through oil painting

January 09 19:11 2017

Recently, the famous Chinese painter Sissie Wang (formerly known as Wang Xiaoxue) held her personal oil painting exhibition at Beijing National Aquatics Center, and won high plaudits.

Sissie Wang oil painting Works “red

The beautiful female painter is considered a child prodigy in painting since her childhood. She began to learn painting at the age of 12, and became a professional painter at 15. At 17, known as China’s youngest female painter, she made creation on the theme of lotus, and rises to fame in China’s social network.


Chinese female artist Sissie Wang

At the age of 19, she showed her genius. Sissie Wang integrates the two diametrically different styles of surreal and ultra-realistic styles in the oil painting sector, and formed her own unique painting. She created a new school – “memory impressionist school”. In this school, artists vividly portray the illusory image in the imagination, thus achieving a sensational effect.


The painting exhibition showcases “Soul of Fragrance” – the representative “memory impressionist” work by Sissie Wang. The broken peach nucleus is formed ​​into a delicate female body, and the neck part is broken open while the fog-like soul ascends upwards. This supernatural picture, expressed through the realistic method, has attracted a crowd of onlookers.

Although Sissie Wang produces mainly oil paintings, she integrates the Oriental elements into the Western oil painting to showcase the spirit of China. Many of her paintings portray the holy flower of Buddhism – the lotus, and show the ancient Oriental wisdom through this.

Sissie Wang looks young, but she is fond of traditional hobbies such as Chinese guqin (plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument), martial arts and the Go. She considers that cultivating the inner heart is the best way of life. Oil paintings are the mirror of the soul. Only by maintaining a pure mind can we draw the perfect painting.

Young artists like Sissie Wang represent the soft power of the Chinese culture, according to an official of the Ministry of Culture of China.

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