Standard Digital Currency Stepping into the UK

January 06 08:06 2017

Since the birth of private digital currency based on the blockchain technology, it has gained fast development. It is the fierce competition among private digital currencies that promotes their issuing authorities to build up an effective operating system. When it comes to exploration of this system in the international community, Chinese Puercoin Group holds that the standard system is the most effective concept and program for private digital currencies to promote its market competitiveness. And the global world has reached a consensus that standardized digital currency is a sign of digital asset trade. Recently, Puercoin Group’s team coping with international affairs has just arrived at the UK, offering help to establish the British super node for international standard digital asset exchange.

To establish standard digital currency node is to put blockchain decentralization, technology source opening and establishment of international consensus mechanism as the goal and finally, to accomplish the cochain of global digital asset as well as barrier-free circulation. Doing that in the UK will not only integrate excellent British financial and technological talents, but accelerate asset trade around the world, which will be a great driving force for the reviving British economy just separating from the EU.

As the founder, promoter and also the issuer of standard digital currency, Puercoin Group has grown up in Shenzhen, China, which boasts the forefront of science, technology and policies in China. After a long time of exploration, it eventually targeted Tibetan tea, a hard currency being both of Chinese cultural characteristics and huge space for value maintenance as well as appreciation, as a standard asset. The digital currency it issued is called Puer, a digital asset bearing enough volume and a complete exchange settlement system for asset exchange. This method is suitable for all nodes worldwide, serving as an obvious driver for local assets’ circulation acceleration and economic growth. Besides, trades among nodes can be launched seamlessly through blockchain at a high speed. On January 1, 2017, Puercoin Group  will hold press conferences to announce a global strategy for Puercoin Group blockchain concurrently in the UK and the USA. It will seek excellent enterprises and partners in the form of asset exchange for the building of British standard digital currency in accordance with its consensus system, making a bright future for the global block-chain finance altogether.

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