Modern Living with kathy ireland® Interviews Happy Farm Botanicals to Discuss Their Safe, Effective and All-Natural Beauty Products

October 25 17:06 2016
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Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 2016 — Happy Farm Botanicals Chief Strategy Officer Bill Colli is featured on the award-winning, global TV show, Modern Living with kathy ireland®. The segment’s topic is all natural, safe and healthy beauty products.  Happy Farm Botanicals’ all natural products include custom formulations for skin, body, hair, color cosmetics, pets and household goods.

Colli says that the importance of natural beauty products cannot be emphasized enough. He explains, “Studies have shown that up to 60% of everything you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream. Some of those ingredients may end up being carcinogens, they can disrupt your endocrine system and can be toxic for you. But when you deal with natural products, you know that what you’re putting on your skin comes from nature; it cannot harm you. It has no toxic elements or chemicals.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland®, is pleased to feature Happy Farm Botanicals. He says, “Happy Farm Botanicals is a leader in all-natural beauty products that consumers can not only love but also trust to be completely healthy for their bodies. We are pleased to feature them on our show.”

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