Anyone Can Now Design Their Homes for Free in 30 Seconds With Luw.AI’s World-Class Architects, Powered by AI

September 27 18:12 2023
Luw.AI is transforming the home design landscape with its groundbreaking AI technology, allowing users to design their homes in 30 seconds.

Industry game-changer Luw.AI continues to make global headway after launching a cutting-edge platform that allows users to visualize their dream spaces with AI prompts or redesign existing spaces by snapping a photo to their specific style and needs.

The platform’s intuitive interface and advanced features allow anyone to become an architect or interior designer. Users can simply snap a photo and instantly design any space using prompts or their AI persona, which can be created in seconds with just 1 to 3 sample images. 

Luw.AI’s platform is not just limited to home design; it also offers a range of features for creative professionals. The Magic Wand feature takes design to the next level by allowing users to magically add or remove objects from their designs. The platform also provides API access, enabling developers to integrate Luw.AI’s services into their own applications.

“Designing a home or creating artwork should be as simple as clicking a button. That’s what we aim to achieve with Luw.AI,” said Emir Alp, the founder of Luw.AI.

What distinguishes Luw.AI from competitors is its innovative fusion of AI technologies. The platform employs a combination of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) and AI diffusers to form the core intelligence of its AI personas. Users can easily create these personas in seconds with just 1 to 3 sample images. This unique blend makes the AI personas more dynamic and allows for seamless design continuation, adapting to user preferences over time.

Start creating with AI

To get started, users can take a photo or upload a reference image to design an existing building with an AI persona. Then, they can begin creating variations with different prompts and AI personas (e.g., Futuristic, Minimal, etc.) Afterwards, they can shape their design with prompts and modify or create new buildings at different locations.

Those who want to start getting creative design ideas from their AI persona or learn more about how Luw.AI is transforming the industry may visit for more information.

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