Sensible Portfolios Is Providing Stellar Fee-Only Financial Services To Reno, Nevada, And Austin, Texas

June 02 04:24 2023
With straightforward fees for the financial services provided, Sensible Portfolios is a low-cost and reliable Registered Investment Advisor. This family business provides stellar advice and financial knowledge to clients so that they can grow their portfolios and financial investments.

When someone begins working on their investment portfolio, it’s imperative that they work with a Registered Investment Advisor or RIA. This RIA needs to be knowledgeable, client-oriented, and affordable. Especially when one is just beginning their investment portfolio, they often don’t have the finances to pay for an RIA that charges exuberant fees that don’t even count the percentages of the investment.  

Sensible Portfolios hits all of those marks with a family business, decades of experience, and low-cost, straightforward fees that stay the same each year at set percentages.  

Sensible Portfolios’ Experienced Team and the Services Provided 

Sensible Portfolio was founded by Darrell Armuth. As the founder, a portfolio manager, and a Registered Investment Advisor, he is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the investment field.  

Darrell began Sensible Portfolio in 1994 and has helped hundreds of clients since then. With almost 30 years of work, Sensible Portfolio has been around to see numerous changes in the financial field. This experience aids them in making more intelligent and safer recommendations based on the trends they have seen in the last three decades.  

Team members like Lena Armuth, an Investment Advisor Representative, bring more recent education and a fresh perspective. Lena joined the team in 2011, and her focus is on technological advances and how they can be used to better Sensible Portfolios’ services and keep costs low.  

Because of this, Sensible Portfolios is known for having the lowest fees in the industry without sacrificing any quality of work. High costs can often be detrimental to reaching investment goals, and Sensible Portfolios wants to see its clients succeed, not struggle because of the payments they have to make.  

Sensible Portfolio is incredibly transparent about the fees they charge. Annual costs for anything up to $300,000 are only 0.43 of one percent, up to $1,000,000 is 0.35 of one percent, up to $2,000,000 is 0.30 of one percent, and anything higher is at a $6,000 fixed annual fee.  

Sensible Portfolios has two offices, one in Reno, NV, and one in Austin, TX. Residents of both states can benefit from the Investment Guidance and Retirement Planning the team helps with.


With Sensible Portfolios, clients get an experienced team that they know they can trust with decisions on how to build and manage their financial investment portfolio. There’s no questioning or wondering what fees will be or losing significant amounts of profit to those fees. Sensible Portfolio remains straightforward with its fees and even sets a cap amount to ensure they’re fair.  

Investors who choose Sensible Portfolios are treated like a member of the family as Lena and Darrell provide them with the highest level of services an RIA can give while keeping costs down and growing the portfolios they are trusted with.  

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