K-Pop Group and The Rise of K-Food Craze and Branches in UAE

November 22 02:09 2022

The famous K-pop group had just announced to come to Abu Dhabi as part of the world tour, Born Pink on Saturday 28 January 2023. K-pop fans have been buzzing ever since BLACKPINK announced the Abu Dhabi leg of their Born Pink World Tour. A global K-pop phenomenon spreading the love for K-pop and culture to the worldwide.


Along with K-pop, the K-food wave continues to come in surges, with expansion of many K-Food restaurants in UAE. There are already over 20 Korean restaurants across the UAE. In addition, a Korean restaurant called Taon (https://taonkoreanrestaurant.com/) recently opened in Sofitel Corniche, Abu Dhabi.


 “Cooking Class Event” @Taon Korean Restaurant 

And, a Korean street foods restaurant called Roll and Bubble opened its 3rd branch in Business Bay, Dubai (https://rbkoreanfood.com/)

The Fascinating and Increasing Interest Behind Korean Food in The UAE

First, in the global success of Korean dramas and Korean films, access to Korean food has increased. K-dramas have contributed greatly to the success of Netflix in the UAE. The clear demand for Korean films and dramas is attributable to several factors, including Korea’s cultural influence strategy and the international success of films like Parasite. In K-Drama and K-Film, scenes of the main characters eating Korean food appear frequently, and naturally, the audience began to wonder about Korean food.


Roll and Bubble Business Bay Branch

The worldwide popularity of K-Pop made fans interested in the daily routines of K-Pop celebrities, and naturally became interested in what they ate. Jung Kook, a member of the global leading K-Pop Boy Band, BTS, was caught eating Tteokbokki as soon as he woke up in the morning, so Tteokbokki appeared as a popular keyword on many search engines. As BTS shared a video of making Kimbap, which Koreans often eat as a meal, BTS fans around the world became aware of the Korean food called Kimbap.

The Efficacy of Mukbang

In the middle of the big trends of Mukbang, the most reflected food was Korean food. Mukbang was originated from the Korean word”먹방” which was combined two words in Korean, eating and broadcast. In simple English terms, you could define the word as an “eatcast”. From the beginning of the Mukbang, the audiences were exposed to a huge amount of various K-foods consumed by people in the video clip.

The UAE has a large proportion of Internet users based on its high Internet speed. As there were many opportunities to experience K-Drama, K-Film, K-Pop and K-Contents, interest in K-Culture in the UAE has increased, which in turn raised interest in K-Food.


Reflecting the trend of K-Food, Roll and Bubble specializes in selling Korean street foods. Based on the success of the first (Roll and Bubble Al Barsha) and the second (Roll and Bubble Al Karama) branches, the third branch was just opened in Business Bay. 


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