American Education Professor & Pepper Legend Shares the Inspiring Story of His Gourmet Pepper Company Called Patty’s Peppers

July 26 15:38 2021
American Education Professor & Pepper Legend Shares the Inspiring Story of His Gourmet Pepper Company Called Patty’s Peppers

July 26, 2021 – Seasoned Educator and the Marketing Director of Patty’s Peppers, Damian Nesser has proudly announced that he is now interacting with food and wellness influencers worldwide with his new podcast. Available on Instagram, Spotify, and Podbean, the podcast is called Life in a Classroom, and its primary focus is upon having engaging conversations with wellness and food influencers. In addition, Damian Nesser has also been an Education Profession for 26 years and he is currently serving as a Dean and School Counselor at a local middle school in Florida. Moreover, he is also the Marketing Director of Patty’s Peppers. and he started this podcast followed by the success of this food venture and also for his love and passion for food.

“As I moved off to college mom and my uncle Joe would often send me pepper packages, but they were quickly devoured and there never seemed to be enough to go around.” Said Patrick, the Owner of Patty’s Peppers, while sharing the success story of Patty’s Peppers. “As I moved to Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Florida, I could never find anything remotely close to my family’s peppers so in 2011, with Mom’s blessing, Patty’s Peppers was born.” He added. Patty’s Peppers is a gourmet pepper company named in honor of his mother Patricia Derr ‘Mamapatty’ or Patty, and it features the uncommon but amazing Hungarian Wax pepper.

“My mother canned her first jar of peppers in 1963 just outside of Youngstown, Ohio and she acquired this recipe from her new neighbor, recent immigrants from the Abruzza region of Italy, who had moved to ‘The Rust Belt’ in search work in steel mill jobs for the American dream.” Said Patrick, while talking about the origins of his peppers. “Luckily for us, they brought over their amazing recipes and became lifelong friends with my mom, and each year these peppers got more popular than the last.” He added. According to Patrick, his Uncle Joe moved across the street in 1971 and began to grow and can his own Hungarian Wax peppers. In his town, his mom’s peppers became known as ‘Patty’s Peppers in Oil’ and his uncles’ were called ‘Joe’s Peppers in Sauce.’

After three years of hard work, dedication, testing, failing, trial and error, researching, and learning, Patrick found the perfect farmers and co-packer to replicate his mother’s and Uncle Joe’s amazing product. These peppers hit the shelves in October 2014 and the rest is history. The food startup and its founder have never looked back since and it has been more than a decade that the gourmet pepper company is going strong and has gained significant popularity among the locals and tourists. In a nutshell, Damian has touched the lives of millions of people with his amazing podcast. 

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