Personalised Maps in Demand Even in an Age of Technology and GPS

July 10 07:17 2019
Personalised Maps in Demand Even in an Age of Technology and GPS

Hertfordshire, UK – In an age of Google maps and other various digital mapping technologies, the days of physical atlases might seem a thing of the past. Cartographic services are becoming increasingly rare, which is why the art of cartography is in such demand.

One company is bringing physical charts back in style.

Cosmographics Ltd is a unique company that has successfully served as the cartography authority in the UK for the past 30 years. Their cartographic services, available at, range from decorative pieces to brochures and classroom material.

They want the world to know they create beautiful maps for anyone around the world. For personalised maps, UK orders are welcome and encouraged on their site at

When asked about their legitimacy in an age of easily accessible online atlases, they stated that using online versions makes the end product look cheap and unprofessional.

For example, imagine a travel brochure of London that utilised a search engine. It has a big brand logo in the corner, there are unnecessary and unwanted features such as popular fast food restaurants. Overall, these excess features included on the search engine map cause the brochure to look unprofessional and the travel company to look illegitimate.

Cosmographics Ltd seeks to circumvent the excess noise of digital mapping. As seen on their mapping services,, they also create customised maps to fulfil every vintage lover’s dream. Vintage-looking globes are romantic. It is a trend to give a significant other a piece of where they first met or perhaps a special place in their heart. Decorative maps are used for sentiment in many people’s home. As simple as this sounds, Google is not going to create that romantic, decorative piece worth displaying in a home.

Maps are useful for direction, orientation, and history as well. Many countries know first-hand how their borders have shifted or how their names have changed over the past few centuries. Having an up to date map now may not seem significant beyond practical purposes, but it may be fifty years from now. Though it may be outdated in the future, the map is a special piece of history. It can become a family heirloom or be a display in a museum.

The art of cartography is not dead. In fact, it is an art form that is as alive as the people who keep each city on a map.

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