Specialised Refrigeration Company Supports UK Medical and Scientific Progress

July 10 07:10 2019
Specialised Refrigeration Company Supports UK Medical and Scientific Progress

Edinburgh, UK – Specialised refrigeration company Peter Swan & Sons, Ltd at http://www.peterswan.co.uk/ has long supported the Edinburgh medical and scientific community and beyond with their range of low-temperature freezers, refrigerators, and other equipment. Laboratories rely on their equipment for laboratory preservation, research, and medical care.

Research labs and medical facilities need proper means of preservation. Medical and scientific customers alike have come to depend on Peter Swan & Sons for equipment that is specifically designed for scientific use such as pharmaceutical refrigerators and ice flake machines. Specialised laboratory refrigerators preserve clinical experiments, patient medication, testing results, and more. Without perfectly controlled equipment, it’s not possible for laboratories to progress with their research.

Peter Swan & Sons, Ltd has been serving the Scottish capitol’s community since the company’s founding in 1891 in the Lauriston area of Edinburgh, UK. Due to this location, Swan & Sons is famous for serving the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh nearby, relatively new during this era. Although the company began as a specialised electrical supplier, they later focused on medical and science refrigeration to support the progress of the nearby university’s medical research.  

Over the years, Peter Swan & Sons, Ltd has carried many choices of refrigeration equipment for all types of research. For pharmacy needs, they offer vaccine and drug refrigerators and laboratory refrigerators. Swan & Sons even explain how to choose the right lab fridge at http://www.peterswan.co.uk/laboratory-refrigerators.htm. For medical treatment centers, they have cooled incubators and chromatography refrigerators that will preserve samples. For scientific needs, they can provide high capacity refrigerators and ultra-low temperature freezers, which can be found at http://www.peterswan.co.uk/ultra_low_temperature_freezers.htm.

The company doesn’t stop at equipment, however. For those who require strict temperature standards such as blood testing laboratories, Swan & Sons can install temperature monitoring and alarm systems to ensure a continuous, unfaltering temperature. They also offer full validation and calibration certifications, quality testing, and warranty repair services.

Without the help of dedicated suppliers such as Peter Swan & Sons, the progress of scientific research and the quality of medical care in Scotland would lose a century-long supporter. Scientific preservation requires proper refrigeration, and Peter Swan & Sons continues to actively encourage the future of Scotland’s medical field.

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