How Dayton Businesses Can Customize Banners to Their Advantage

December 14 01:05 2018

Dayton, OH – Dec 13, 2018 – In the sign industry, banners are wildly popular for their versatility and the fact that they are highly customizable. Most, if not all, of the businesses, organizations, and establishments in Dayton have used these as advertising tools.

However, it’s important to know that banner signs aren’t just customizable in design. As amazing as it is to capture a business’s brand identity and message in one banner’s design, banners can also be modified in so many other ways.

We had a chat with Jane Fiehrer of Sign Connection, a Dayton banners provider, and she shared with us three of the many ways you can personalize banner signs to make the most of their advertising potential:

1. Material

Banners, at present, are most commonly made using vinyl, but they can also come in many other substrates. Poly banners, for example, are a good choice if you’re looking for a more affordable option. Poly banners also hold ink very well and are fade-proof, however, they are designed and are best for short-term and indoor use.

For large-scale outdoor use, you can go with mesh banners as they allow air and sound to freely pass through their fibers. Mesh banners can also be digitally printed in full color. Fabric banners are an excellent choice if you’re looking for banners with a higher quality look and feel. Because they’re printed through direct dye sublimation, they come out vibrant and can even have a glossy finish to them.

Whichever substrate you choose for your banners, it’s important to partner with a reliable banner signs provider that has the materials, manpower, and equipment to print and produce excellent banners with excellent designs.

2. Shape

As you may have already observed, banner signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you shouldn’t limit yourself to the default rectangular one. Banners can come in flag, feather, and teardrop shapes that are perfect when hanging off a pole. As for pop banners, you can find them in oval, triangle, pod, and many other shapes.

There’s definitely a banner shape that suits your brand identity, the key here is to work with a trusted sign company that is fully capable of customizing your banners according to your brand, you objective, and of course your budget.

3. Placement

Banner placement and installation are other things that businesses can play around with in order to come up with the most ideal advertising strategy. For banner signs that are meant to catch the attention of potential customers even from a distance, such as trade show displays, business owners can have these staked to the ground as in the case of teardrop, feather, and flag signs.

For many of us, we’re used to seeing banners being hung on walls and suspended from ceilings. There’s a reason why such placement/installation is popular, and it’s because it works! Setting a banner up in a conspicuous area gives you maximum visibility and impact.

Another banner placement that some people might overlook is the placement that retractable banners offer: practically anywhere! Portable and easily stored, retractable or pull-up banners are a great choice when it comes to transporting and setting up in different places. They’re easy to set up, easy to move around, and definitely easy to store away.

Local Dayton Banners Company

Lightweight, attractive, and affordable, banners are an excellent advertising tool for business owners. But because many other establishments use this too, you will need to get creative in giving your banners a look as unique as your own brand’s identity. Among many other details, you can modify and personalize your banners’ material, shape, and placement in order to achieve a sign that clearly speaks your brand message.

If you’re thinking, “I wish I could find a reliable Dayton sign company near me,” contact Sign Connection for a free consultation.

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