Vinyl Signs & Graphics: 3 Details That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

December 14 00:35 2018

Ontario, Canada – Dec 13, 2018 – Since it’s introduction to the world in the mid-1900s, vinyl signs have steadily become the most commonly used solutions for advertising and marketing. From banners to vehicle wraps, window decals and even billboards, vinyl is still increasing in popularity, even in today’s digital media dominated world.

Vinyl graphics are lightweight, economical, and quick-to-produce, so it’s not a surprise that both businesses and consumers find them to be attractive advertising options. However, portability, cost, and turnaround time aren’t the only things to look for and consider when finding the ideal vinyl signs.

We spoke with Tim & Elayne Parr at SignEdge, an Ontario vinyl signs and graphics company, and they shared three important items customers often overlook when considering vinyl signs.

1. Embrace Full Color

One reason why vinyl signs are so popular is the fact that you can take any design you want, have them printed on vinyl, and voila! You can instantly bring them to life. With all the technology in vinyl material and digital printing, you don’t have to worry much if a design is “too detailed” or “too difficult to reproduce.”

Historically, vinyl signs have been produced by layering cut vinyl shapes or panels to create an image or effect, similar to a mosaic. However, with new sign and graphic technology now available, full-color signs, graphics, and images can be printed directly onto a vinyl substrate, making it faster and easier to dependably replicate complex designs with this long-lasting and versatile medium.

2. Reusability

Vinyl, because of its affordability, is commonly used to make signs with temporary purposes. They are quick to produce and easy to replace. Vinyl is also very good for long-term use because it is durable, easily maintained, and easily stored.

Vinyl banners, for example, don’t necessarily have to be replaced frequently. You can have them in retractable banner stands instead. Easy to store, transport, and set up, they can be perfect for future use. For outdoor business signs, vinyl also makes for excellent backlit sign boards on pole and pylon signs.

By ordering your vinyl signs from a full-service sign company specializes in vinyl signs, you can fully experience the benefits of vinyl’s versatility and durability, whether you need them for short-term or long-term use.

3. Finishing Options

Vinyl banners are highly customizable, including how they can be hung, displayed, and installed. And this is where finishing options come in. Some of us don’t put much thought into the banner’s finishing once the printing phase, not realizing that this part actually contributes to how long your banner will stay effective and in place.

Grommets are a finishing option that’s usually made of metal and placed in the corners of the banners. They act as anchor points for banners that are to be hung, suspended, or pulled tight. Hemming your banner’s edges is another option. It increases durability and helps avoid tearing and fraying when your banner is being hung or displayed.

There are more finishing options to choose from and it would be best to speak with your signage specialist about which options would be best for your vinyl banner’s purpose, location, and design.

Local Ontario Vinyl Sign & Graphics Company

With vinyl signs easily accessible and reasonably priced, it won’t be long before you’ll find yourself needing one for your business. And when you’re in the process of selecting one, always remember that there’s more to it than just portability, price, and speed. You also have to look at other important details such as ink compatibility, reusability, and finishing.

If you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could find a dependable Ontario sign company near me,” that can guide and assist you throughout the entire sign-making process, just drop by SignEdge for a free consultation on how things work and how they can help you out.

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