Making the Decision to Get Dentures from a Dentist Today

November 27 23:40 2018

As you age, you might find that you have more problems with your teeth. You may have lost a few teeth, and you may find that you keep sinking money into your teeth only to lose them in the long run. You will have several options when it comes to getting new teeth. For most people, they choose to get dentures. Other options include dental implants, but these can be expensive and not an option for everyone. 

What Are Dentures? 

Dentures are replacements for your teeth. These can be made of several different kinds of material. They will be made to resemble your own teeth. In fact, most people cannot tell the difference between dentures and regular teeth. At Durham Dental, they specialize in dentures and will help you to get the correct fit and even the right color of teeth for you. They will take their time to ensure that you are happy with your teeth and your overall experience with getting dentures. 

The Denture Procedure 

Once you have chosen on getting dentures, you will go into a dental office, and have a consultation on whether you would benefit from dentures. There your dentist will discuss treatment options, and get you started. The first thing that the dentist will do is remove any remaining teeth you have. This may occur over several different appointments or all at once depending on how many teeth you have left, the comfort level, and the schedule of the dentist. After the teeth are pulled, your gums will need a little bit of time to heal. After healing, you will come in for measurements. A cast will be made of your mouth to allow the dentist to make sure that your dentures will fit in your mouth. Once your cast has been made, it will take several days to get your dentures back. Once the office of Stephen W. Durham, DMD has your dentures ready, you will be called in. The dentist will go over how to put your dentures in, cleaning dentures, and any other information. They will also check to ensure that you have a proper fit. Improperly fitted dentures can make eating hard and can cause mouth sores. Having a dentist that knows what he is doing can help to alleviate those types of problems. 

Affording Dentures 

You might think that you cannot afford dentures, but they are very affordable. They are also more economical than some other options out there like implants. You can go to where you can learn more about pricing options. In most cases, your insurance will cover your dentures and if not, you may be able to use different financing options. 

Getting dentures can help to improve the way your mouth functions and can help you build your confidence back. If you have problem teeth that you are sick of dealing with, consider getting dentures today. Dentures are affordable and will help you to return normal function to your mouth.

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