Vehicle Tracking Channel Highlights Key Features a Fleet Management System Should Have

November 06 08:10 2018
Vehicle Tracking Channel is the premier choice when looking for the right telematics company. Their list of fleet management services informs customers on key features they should look out for. is a telematics comparison provider. Customers can simply provide the services they need and their budget and VTC will connect them with the right vendor. A good telematics company should be able to handle telecommunication, road transportation and safety, and vehicular technology for small to large businesses. And above all, their fleet management system should be modern and able to address the needs of each customer.

A fleet management system allows for the monitoring and tracking of vehicles easy and convenient. The system monitors the exact location of any vehicle at any given time no matter the time of the day, making ETAs accurate and predictable. It should also come with multiple dash cameras that offer live feed inside the vehicle. Speed should also be monitored to make sure there is no over speeding from drivers. One way to save on gasoline cost, extend the life of vehicles and their parts, and to promote safety is to alter the driving behavior, something that the fleet management system should be able to monitor as well. This allows vehicles to operate more efficiently and drive down the overall cost of the business.

Another benefit of a fleet management system that Vehicle Tracking Channel looks for in telematics companies is the live traffic update. This will tell the main office to adjust the ETA of vehicles based on live traffic information. Excessive idling of the engine, especially in large trucks, can also increase the operational cost to the business. The system should be able to report idle time of the engine so the issue can be addressed quickly. And lastly, the system should come with a driver terminal. This is a unit installed in the dashboard of vehicles that gives drivers live feedback on their driving behavior. This has been known to increase road driving standards in overland transport and is a proactive method of lowering fuel consumption.

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