Second-Generation Super Screen Reaches New Levels in Durability

October 11 13:40 2018
Using the most advanced technology in outdoor screen enclosures, the new second-generation Super Screen is stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than predecessors while being more pliable and affording better visibility.

Fort Myers, FL – 11 October, 2018 – After conducting extensive research into outdoor-enclosure fabrics, National Press Distributors announce that the next generation in screen has arrived. Super Screen‘s second-generation enclosure screen reaches new levels in toughness, strength, and durability, offering longevity, resistance to mildew and pet/object damage, and value. The secret consists in the use of the most advanced technology available in its manufacture – a specially formulated extrusion process and advanced polymer formula. The result is screen that is “easier to work with, stronger, more pliable and easier to roll in spline application.”

The chief enemy of fiberglass screen is UV light, but the Super Screen second-generation screen has conquered that enemy. In fact, in a simulated 7-year weathering test, Super Screen was found to lose only a negligible 1% of its original strength. The UV-tolerant properties of this next-generation Super Screen protect it from fading and flaking, allowing it retain both color and strength.

National Press Distributors performed in-depth analysis and found that no other screen, including the modern fiberglass screens, can make those claims. Typical fiberglass screen, for example, can become irreversibly brittle after only 2 to 3 years of exposure to the elements, making it susceptible to damage by wind-blown debris and pets. Within 5 to 7 years, even a strong gust of wind can damage – even shred – fiberglass screen. But the folks at Super Screen are so confident in the toughness and long-lasting durability of their carcinogen-free second-generation screen that they offer a 10-year warranty.

The main benefits of this remarkable next-generation screen include:

  • Durability for long life – Super Screen retains its tensile strength and flexibility for many years (as evidenced in the 7-year weathering test).

  • Fade-proof qualities – Super Screen’s inherent UV-tolerant properties ensure that it retains its color, doesn’t flake or fade, and looks newer longer with less maintenance.

  • Mildew resistance – The fabric in second-generation Super Screen contains a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, which means longer-lasting functional attractiveness.

  • Pet-damage resistance – The toughness of this next-generation screen gives it the ability to resist pet damage, formerly an ongoing expense for pet owners.

  • Wind- and object-damage resistance – Before the next generation of Super Screen came on the scene, outdoor-enclosure screen provided only protection from insects, but now, with the tough tensile strength of Super Screen, there is protection from wind and wind-blown objects.

Besides the unparalleled toughness and durability, second-generation Super Screen also offers options for those who want to enjoy their patios, pool enclosures, and other enclosed outdoor spaces to the fullest. The 17/20 fine mesh gives protection from the smallest insects while still letting breezes through and allowing a clear view. The 17/14 mesh still offers insect protection, but with an even clearer view.

National Press Distributors also discovered that, because second-generation Super Screen is a superior product, there are now imitators and knock-offs. To enjoy the longevity and value, to avoid the imitators and having to re-screen, consumers should look for the Super Screen gold line and gold seal.

According to National Press Distributors findings, then, second-generation Super Screen is the product to use for outdoor fabric enclosures superior to those created with fiberglass screen fabrics. With the new technology used in its manufacture, Super Screen “is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen,” with greater strength, enhanced UV tolerance, and tear resistance. In practical terms, this means fewer repairs, less maintenance, and significant savings – coupled with a 10-year limited warranty.

Those who wish to learn more about “The Screen That Lasts” can contact the company directly.

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