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Dow comes down from record high, Nasdaq gains

The stock market closed on Thursday as the Nasdaq composite index gained and Dow Jones industrial average dropped down from its previous day’s record closing high. The Dow Jones industrial

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twitter banned in turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to shut Twitter down in Turkey in an announcement made on Thursday

big bang proof found

Scientists have found proof that universe underwent fast and massive growth when it was initially formed confirming the widely believed

google drive to be supported by third party apps

Google announced on Thursday that they are planning to launch an app store for thid party apps on Google Drive.

google glass for the military

The United States military might soon be able to look over mountains, see 3D building layouts, measure distances and a

2015 lauch of first mass produced h car

Hyundai is soon going to launch it’s Hydrogen fuel cell car – Hyudai Tuscan Fuel Cell and will be going

instagram plans to launch advertisements

Instagram has decided to launch advertisements. It has also been promised by the photo-sharing site that it will go slow.

with kindle fire hdx, amazon hopes to ignite sales

New York, September 26  – With new devices called Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon has decided to refresh its lineup of

in turnaround makeover, new logo unveiled by yahoo

New York, September 12  – On September 4, new logo has been unveiled by Yahoo. The new look of logo

to offer iphone in japan, apple to close deal with docomo

New York, September 06 – It has been reported that Apple about to close a deal to offer its iPhone

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Citibank investigated over student loan servicing

Citibank is under investigation for its student loan-servicing practices, the New York-based bank disclosed Monday. The bank said it’s cooperating with the investigation, but warned that regulators may order it

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Apple’s stock breaks 3 key levels

Investors wondering how low Apple (AAPL) stock can go are having to lower their expectations even more. Shares of the

Twitter shares hit record low

Twitter shares hit a record low on Monday, plunging more than 6% below $30. The stock has been dropping since

Gas prices fuel U.S. big-vehicle sales in July

The major automakers posted strong U.S. sales performances in July as the auto industry creeps closer to its first full

Stocks tumble as oil prices drop below $46 a barrel

Markets kicked off August in a downbeat fashion as stocks dropped sharply and the price of oil tumbled below $46

Quarterly earnings growth turns positive

On July 1, Wall Street analysts were calling for corporate profits to contract in the second quarter. But a solid

Delta Air Lines to buy stake in China Eastern Airlines

Delta Air Lines is paying $450 million for a stake in China Eastern Airlines, a move the carrier hopes will

Supreme Court might hear insider trading case

A groundbreaking case that challenges the legal definition insider trading might be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Department

GDP set to rebound from early-year freeze

As economic bounce-backs go, roaring back from the first-quarter deep freeze, when the economy contracted 0.2%, the first estimate on

Exchange to crack down on manipulators

The nation’s third largest stock exchange operator is seeking to crack down on “spoofing” and other manipulative practices that may

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HBO Now available for Verizon subscribers

The new standalone streaming service HBO NOW is now available to Verizon broadband customers and coming to wireless subscribers, too. And HBO content will also be on board with Verizon’s upcoming mobile video service, expected to launch by the end

Mario, Nintendo kin jumping into theme parks

While the famed Japanese creator of Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong spent most of his trip to last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo touting such upcoming Nintendo games as “Super Mario Maker” and “Star Fox Zero,” Miyamoto was also enthusiastic about

‘Jurassic’ stomps to No. 1 for second week

Jurassic World continues to chomp into all-time records. The dinosaur blockbuster roared to No. 1 and $102 million in its second week, taking its total to $398.2 million in just 10 days, according to tracking firm Rentrak. It is now

New ‘Captain America’ has all-star cast

The Hulk is probably sad right now since he’s one of the only Avengers not in Captain America: Civil War. Production is now underway in Atlanta on the third Captain America film (out May 6, 2016), directed by Joe and

Green Day, Ringo rock Hall of Fame ceremony

When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies return here every few years to the hall’s spiritual and literal home, music history often ignites. Such was the case Saturday night at the 30th annual gathering, which saw the

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